Moroccan Jewels
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Client feedback

Client feedback

  “I highly recommend this tour — I have toured with Sarah four times ! She is gracious and lovely both inside and out and¬†tries to ensure that your time in Morocco is delightful and fruitful. Morocco , Sarah’s sweet presence, and the delights of the jewelry hunt, make this a very special occasion for…

Bespoke Tours

Bespoke Tours

If you would like to visit Morocco, but our dates do not work for you there is the option to request a bespoke tour. Itineraries and routes can be created to suit you. Please drop me a line to discuss your requirements.  


Morocco is a country with a vibrant and varied tradition of Adornment.

To travel there and to understand the depth of signifigance of these differing adornment styles enables us to gain an understanding of the
inhabitants of this magnificent country.

The adornments of an individual tell of their origin, culture, status, wealth and beliefs.

Sarah Corbett offers immersive educational travel experiences, which open doors to private collections and knowledgeable traders who share her passion for the jewels of Morocco.

With 13 years of travel experience within the country she loves, Sarah can truly lift the veil to reveal the wonders of Morocco.