A diary of a tour!

A diary of a tour!

we always seem to pack a lot into a tour, great jewels are a must of course, but there is so much more to enjoy.

Here are a few pics and details to give you an insight into what your tour with us has to offer you!

so of course there is the bead and jewel shopping, we visit wonderful souk stores filled with elements for designers, and complete pieces too.

Searching for beads   383836_10150979720690455_849110454_21704652_1430361024_n

the souks are filled with lots to see and we will explore the everyday happenings which have remained unchanged for years

260227_10201263205771637_1485126640_n  943127_10201263146930166_1032726643_n

the dying of wool to the selling of spices!

we like to relax in really special places after a long day exploring!

Riad Star, Marrakech Medina  934112_10201263360055494_632996410_n  IMAG0074

and then there’s the food! from the simple to the very indulgent..we enjoy a mix of traditional and contemporary dining.

247549_10201263520659509_260973262_n   941487_10201263268013193_1071230962_n  Tangia (1)

Morocco itself never fails to surprise and delight, it truly is the land of contrasts!

484697_10201263259532981_290445156_n   600887_10201263234452354_687386212_n   21275_10201263370415753_1764738832_n

but best of all are the fantastic friendships which we find among those we travel with….

601738_10201263285253624_1471224311_n  283780_10201263527459679_1156227966_n

and maybe the wonders we take away with us and the echoes of those who wore them before us!

femme_berberhaiddhue_2  SMOUGHEN   tarhijiit

Thank you to all who have joined us on a tour, and welcome for those who will do so in the future.

S x