Moroccan Jewels

A luxury jewellery tour of Morocco with guest host Alaa Eddine Sagid

A 13 day 12 night tour.

£3350 per person

April 2017

With guest host Alaa Eddine Sagid,

10% discount for those sharing accommodations.

Extra days accommodation at the start or end of the trip can be arranged to suit your flight schedule.

Day one – Tuesday 18th April

Arrivals and transfer from Marrakech Airport (transfers from Casablanca can be arranged at cost) You will be met at the arrivals gate by your driver, who will drive you to the Ancient Medina of Marrakech. Your wonderful home in Marrakech awaits! We will relax and settle into our beautiful rooms once all guests have arrived we shall gather to eat together on the rooftop terrace.


Day two – Wednesday 19th April
Our first full day in Morocco together will begin with a visit to the wonderful Jewel collection of Yves St Laurent. Housed in a small specialist museum within the beautiful gardens which are an art form in themselves. The collection of Jewels and textiles make the perfect introduction to the many differing cultural groups of Morocco showing the differing styles and techniques of adornments of each, and the geographical reasons for those choices.

We will eat Lunch in restaurant within the gardens.

Our afternoon will be spent in the company of a family who have a superb gallery of jewels. They also have a private collection of the most wonderful and rare items, along with books and a wealth of personal knowledge.

We will dine in the ancient Medina.

Day three – Thursday 20th April
Following a leisurely breakfast at our riad, we will visit the most celebrated jewel designer in Marrakech. Faouzi uses antique elements to create masterpieces of design, which are collected and desired around the globe. This charming and gentle man will share his knowledge and wisdom with us, and we will have access to his ample stocks of beads and jewels.

Following lunch in the celebrated Cafe Arabe, we shall visit the most captivating bead and jewel warehouse in Marrakech! With stacks of stock and a million choices, we will sort through kilos of beads and silver until our hearts, minds and selection baskets are suitably filled!

We will dine in the ancient Medina.

Day four – Friday 21st April

We shall leave Marrakech after breakfast and head to the beautiful coastal town of Essaouria. Essaouira lies on the crossroads between two tribes: the Arab Chiadma to the north and the Haha Berbers in the south. Add to that the Gnawa, who came originally from further south in Africa, and the Europeans, and you get a rich cultural mix. The light and beauty have forever attracted artists to Essaouira, and the town has a flourishing art scene. Arriving in the mid afternoon, we shall deposit our belongings in our wonderful seaside home and head into the town to explore. Visits to galleries and jewellers will fill our afternoon, and we will return to our riad to enjoy the splendid Iranian decorative items on display, and to indulge in the delights of the very delicious wares of the chef!

Day five –Saturday 22nd April
We shall spend the day shopping for jewels and textiles in Essaouria. There are some good galleries and bookshops in town, and we shall take time to enjoy the wares on offer in all!

We shall eat in a local restaurant and return to our riad to rest before our trip the following day.


Day six – Sunday 23rd April

Leaving the coast behind us we shall head inland to the walled town of Tarroudant. Hidden by magnificent red-mud walls, and with the snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas beckoning beyond, Tarroudant’s souqs and squares have a healthy sprinkling of Maghrebi mystique. Yet it is also a practical place, a market town where Berbers trade the produce of the rich and fertile Oued Souss plain.  

Our luxurious hotel is just outside the town, and offers every luxury; spa, pool, gym and sweet bungalows which are dotted around a magical garden. We shall enjoy the chance to relax and unwind before our 5 course meal in the hotel that evening.

An inviting pool at the end of a long hot day


Day seven – Monday 24th April

A full day of jewellery shopping in Tarroudant, this small town offers much for the adornment enthusiast, and we shall visit small shops and high end galleries to explore the very best which there is on offer.

The collection of the three storey gallery has some of the finest pieces to offer, and a whole alley of tiny shops will reveal layer by layer treasures and surprises from dusty shelves and boxes.

We shall lunch in the local square, and resume our quest for jewels until the early evening when we shall return to our riad to eat and rest.


Day eight – Tuesday 25 th April

We will take to the road once again to cross the Siroua region and buy fresh local Saffron. This is a lush valley which was once the centre of the saffron farming of Morocco the riches of the farmers led to the creation of wonderful opulent jewellery. En route we will stop briefly to explore the jewellery shops of a tiny sleepy town called Tazenacht. We shall arrive in Ouarzazatte in the late afternoon, and relax in our elegant riad.

Day nine – Wednesday 26th April

We will spend today in the town of Ouarzazatte. For centuries, people from the Atlas, Drâa and Dadès Valleys converged to do business at Ouarzazate’s sprawling Taourirt Kasbah, and a modern garrison town was established here in the 1920s to oversee France’s colonial interests. The movie business gradually took off in Ouarzazate after the French protectorate left in the 1950s, and ‘Ouallywood’ movie studios have built quite a résumé providing convincingly exotic backdrops for movies this town is a simply a treasure chest, with a large quantity of good antique pieces still on offer.

We will be immersed in jewels and the beauty of this gentle desert town.


Day ten – Thursday 27th April
We will have the option to return to the Jewellery dealers in town to ensure that we did not miss a deal we may later yearn for! The super laid back Saharan feel makes this chilled town a delight to visit. When we are ready to leave we will head West to the Ancient UNESCO heritage site of Ait Benhaddidhu. We will explore this ancient fortified village, and stay alongside it, with stunning views of the region, and a night sky filled with desert stars.

Day eleven– Friday 28th April

Following a relaxed breakfast we shall begin our mountain adventure as we cross the High Atlas Mountains. Heading over the Tiz n Tichka pass to return to Marrakech.

We will eat wonderful Berber cuisine near to the top of this stunning mountain range. We will arrive in Marrakech mid afternoon and check into our beautiful city riad. We will rest a little before heading out time allowing! to visit Tuareg traders and a shop filled with Saharan wonders.

We shall eat in the Medina.


Day twelve– Saturday 29th April
An extra morning to revisit some of the dealers in Marrakech!

The afternoon will be left free for shopping, exploring the souks, or historical visits to monuments of your choice with guides.

Day thirteen – Sunday 30 th April

Free time in Marrakech and Transfers to airport

Included: Transfers, accommodation, breakfasts, transport, entry to monuments, guided shopping and expert advice and talks

Not included: Flights. Lunches, meals, individually arranged excursions and leisure activities


Alaa Eddine Sagid Lives and works in Paris, he is an expert on the topic of Jewellery and Adornment of Morocco and beyond. His cultural and historical understandings of the Mahgreb will serve to bring a special depth and significance to the tour. Alaa Eddine Sagid has worked with Sarah Corbett on many of her online jewel community projects over the past 6 years and is a writer for the Ethnic Jewels Magazine.

With a deep love and understanding of Morocco and the culture Alaa is a perfect leader for a tour in the homeland of his family.

This tour is a very special opportunity to travel with and learn from Alaa, the trip will be limited to a maximum of 6 places.