Moroccan Jewels

Client feedback


“I highly recommend this tour — I have toured with Sarah four times ! She is gracious and lovely both inside and out and tries to ensure that your time in Morocco is delightful and fruitful. Morocco , Sarah’s sweet presence, and the delights of the jewelry hunt, make this a very special occasion for everyone. You have to take the tour to believe what a fabulous time you can have. I have been on almost every tour Sarah has given and I really can’t get enough of them.” P Deany USA.


“Life presents many memorable experiences and joining this jewel Tour is high up on the list of extraordinary adventures. The tour was made all the more remarkable because of our wonderful tour guide, Sarah Corbett, whose passion, knowledge and sourcing of the amazing treasures of Morocco was incredibly inspiring, educational and valuable in opening doors that would have otherwise been impossible; My heartfelt gratitude for a trip of a lifetime and I hope to return….soon!” Luda HunterAustralia


“It was an amazing trip Sarah and thank you for putting so much thought into every

detail! Can’t wait to come back so please send dates as soon as you get them!” Angela Lovett Mexico

“Thank you Sarah for all the love and care you gave us as we traveled. You are in my heart to stay.” Kathi Favrot Brown USA