Moroccan Jewels


The word Guedra represents several aspects of a form of dance which is particular to Southern Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria. The primary meaning is cooking pot, when this pot is covered with a stretched leather skin to create a drum, the drum is also known as Guedra. When the drummer plays a beat representing a… Continue Reading

Tangia with friends

A tangia (sometimes spelled tanjia) is a Moroccan urn-shaped clay cooking pot. The same word also refers to the meat dish which is cooked in the tangia. A tangia is fully glazed on the interior, but only a little glaze is seen on the exterior, typically at the top around the mouth of the tangia. As with tagines and other clay cookware, a tangia must be seasoned… Continue Reading

Saffron in Morocco

Morocco  Taliouine, a mountain village, is the heart of the saffron Presidium, situated in a land covered with argan trees (from the village of Assaki down to the sea) on the Western side and rose cultivations on the Eastern side, towards Ouazarzate. The historic area of saffron, the oldest in Morocco, is here on the… Continue Reading

Bespoke Tours

If you would like to visit Morocco, but our dates do not work for you there is the option to request a bespoke tour. Itineraries and routes can be created to suit you. Please drop me a line to discuss your requirements.   Continue Reading

Jewellery from the regions of Morocco

There is a vast variation in jewellery styles in Morocco and the Sahara. On our tours we look at the differences, the environments, beliefs, historical changes and riches which influenced each. Photo credits Bescancenot and Fisher Continue Reading

Snapshots of the April 2013 tour

Our trip in April 2013 told in a small selection of pictures! Eclectic adventures in cities, deserts and everywhere in between. Jewellery searching and fun go hand in hand!   Continue Reading