Tangia with friends

Tangia with friends

tangia (sometimes spelled tanjia) is a Moroccan urn-shaped clay cooking pot. The same word also refers to the meat dish which is cooked in the tangia.

tangia is fully glazed on the interior, but only a little glaze is seen on the exterior, typically at the top around the mouth of the tangia. As with tagines and other clay cookware, a tangia must be seasoned to strengthen it before its first use.

The tangia originated in Marrakesh, where its use is said to have been popularized by unmarried working men. Before heading to their jobs, they would season meat with onions, garlic and Moroccan spices, stuff the mixture into their tangias, and then drop off the clay vessels at the wood-burning ovens which provided heat to the local hammams (public bath houses). There, the tangias would be nestled into the deep ashes, allowing the meat to slow-cook until the workers retrieved them at the end of the day.

We always have a special Tangia prepared for us when we are on Tour …it is a Moroccan specialty not to be missed.

Mamoun and Hassan make a fabulous Tangia, which we are always really happy to be invited to share!